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Embark on time travel with this collection of 63 poems exploring the poet's past and present. The poet finds that there are so many absurdities in life, and has to respond with absurd verses. This collection of poems was shortlisted for the 2018 Taiwan Zhou Meng Die Poetry Award.

赤道风文化协会 Equatorial Wind Cultural Association



Judges' Comments

From time to time, Yufan uses introspection to express his anxieties. On the island state that he lives, it is necessary to be concerned with the confusion of modern times and forms of existence. Writing poetry provides the poet with freedom and redemption. His poems are transcendent and fanciful works of imagination with vivid imageries that at times resemble wild horses in full gallop. It is clear that at the heart of these poems is an apprehensive soul who wanders back and forth, and asks all sorts of questions.

Poetry writing is an outlet for Yufan to vent: it allows him to be honest, critical, self-deprecating, satirical, and humorous and to tease. Nonetheless, his poems retain their reserve, depthand strength. What is more precious is Yufan’s ability to make plain language impassioned, vibrant and ethereal. His poems merge into a raging river. To Yufan, writing poems makes him young, bold and full of energy.




Yu Fan 

Yu Fan is the Vice President of the Singapore Literature and Art Association, editor of Singapore Literature and Art Newspaper and has published six collections of poetry and one collection of prose poems.