About Singapore Translation Symposium

In conjunction with International Translation Day on 30 September, the Singapore Book Council organised the first Singapore Translation Symposium. The objectives of the Symposium were to: 

  1. develop the capability of the local translation industry; 
  2. encourage the translation of Singapore literature into local languages; 
  3. raise public awareness of the role of translation in a multicultural and multilingual society; 
  4. facilitate the exchange of best practices among practitioners. 
Scheduled as a one-day event on 25 September, the Symposium convened both local and international translators, writers, experts and various stakeholders in a series of talks and discussions. They examined pertinent issues and topics, and explored opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. In addition, SBC organised a public programme “Let’s Translate!” All events were held virtually.

Translation Pioneers 陈妙华 (Mdm Chan) and 杨贵谊 (Prof Yang)

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SBC Achievement Award Recipients
陈妙华 AND 杨贵谊

SBC kicks off the Singapore Translation Symposium by paying tribute to our pioneer Chinese-Malay translators, the husband-and-wife team of 陈妙华(Chan Maw Woh) and 杨贵谊(Yang Quee Yee).  SBC will present them with the first SBC Achievement Award for their contributions to the field of translation.

Dr Yang and Madam Chan have devoted their lives to bridging the two worlds of Chinese and Malay by translating works, building dictionaries, compiling journals and publishing scholarly research. Together, they have compiled 17 dictionaries, which include Malay language dictionaries, Malay-Chinese dictionaries, as well as Malay-Chinese-English dictionaries. The latter has been an important tool in enabling individuals in Singapore and Malaysia to learn three languages in a tricultural mode.

Madam Chan has translated numerous books by Malay writers in Singapore. In particular, she has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with Cultural Medallion winning writer Isa Kamari, whose many novels Madam Chan has translated from Malay into Chinese.

Watch Madam Chan and Prof Yang in TRANSLATION PIONEERS: A TRIBUTE TO 陈妙华 AND 杨贵谊.

Kamus Titian

Kamus Titian is a Malay-Chinese dictionary by translation pioneers Dr 杨贵谊 (Yang Quee Yee) and 陈妙华 (Chan Maw Woh). Targeted at children and beautifully illustrated, you can now browse this literary artefact below!

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