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Sound of the Tides @ Tanah Merah

This collection consists of 58 mini-fictions and flash fictions written over the past 20 years. The content includes historical and social themes, explores the ultimate meaning of life and death, and at the same time depicts the alienation and contradiction between two generations. It reflects the pioneer generation's alienation in a rapidly changing environment and shifting cultural norms. It also discusses the creative motif of retrospect and reflection about World War II over the last century.

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Judges' Comments

Sound of the Tides @ Tanah Merah is a collection of 58 independent short stories that also form a bigger whole through their interconnectedness. It is like a picture scroll that portrays the past, present, and imagined future of Singapore and its various races. Each story has a concise message that embellishes its flexible structure, making it appear like a fable. But inside the humble vessel is the complexities of the world and its colourful emotions. Even after rational categorisation and distillation to produce an abstract picture, the vividness of various sensory experiences remains. This shows the author’s understanding of reality, the basis of his imagination that led to poetic expression amidst rigorous thought. The author, Xi Ni Er, is a seasoned writer who has for many years provided readers with a window into his inner thoughts using his brand of literature. Contributing his philosophic thoughts to the collective that is society, he has not only enriched Singapore, but also Chinese fiction around the world, and perhaps even those of other races or in other languages globally.




Xi Ni Er

Chia Hwee Pheng writes under the pen name of Xi Ni Er. He has won the Singapore Literature Prize, the Cultural Medallion and the Southeast Asia Write Award. His published books include The Stretched Credulity, The Earnest Mask and The Floating Republic.