Malay Poetry Writing Bootcamp

Why do writers write poetry and how do you write a good poem? This poetry writing bootcamp is built on the notion that the most exciting writing begins after the first draft, and the importance of practice makes perfect!

Calling all teens and young adult writers aged 13-20 years old! Be part of this poetry writing bootcamp to learn more about poetry writing in Malay.

Participants can explore their creativity, hone their skills and improve their creative writing skills by exploring the use of literary devices with experts in the field. They also get the opportunity to present their polished works that was done during the bootcamp to the public on social media.

Simply submit an original, unpublished poem based on the theme “Snippets and Scribbles” and you'll earn a spot* at the Malay Poetry Writing Bootcamp that will be held in October. This bootcamp will be held in Malay and is organised as part of My Sing Lit.

*Please see submission criteria as well as terms and conditions.


Open call for submission closes on: Friday, 24 September 2021, 2359 hrs (SGT)

To proceed to the submission form:

4 - 5 October 2021

Via Zoom

Organised by:
Singapore Book Council

Commissioned by:

Supported by:
National Arts Council




  1. This bootcamp is open to participants who are Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents aged between 13 to 20 years old* only. 
  2. Applicants interested in participating in the bootcamp are required to submit their original short poem(s) (50-80 words per poem), written in Malay with the theme “Snippets and Scribbles”.
  3. Submissions should be saved and uploaded as a single PDF file (font: Arial, size: 11pt).
  4. Submissions can be made via this link, where participants’ details and declaration will be required.
  5. Applications can be made by an individual or as a group. 
    1. For solo participation, the participant is required to submit at least one (1) original poem.
    2. For group participations, the group should consist of no more than three (3) members and is required to submit at least two (2) original poems.
  6. For school submissions with more than five (5) separate applications (individually or as a group), please email us directly at [email protected] to complete your submission.
  7. The open call for submission closes on Friday, 24 September 2021, 2359 hrs (SGT)
  8. Incomplete submissions will be rejected. Content that is deemed inappropriate or discriminatory in nature will also be disqualified.

*Participants under the age of 18 years old must obtain the consent of a parent/legal guardian and by participating in this programme, it is deemed that consent has been obtained.


Eligibility Criteria
Terms and Conditions


Farihan Bahron

Hamed Ismail

Tun Seri Lanang Award recipient

Malay Literary Award 2020/2021

Hamed Ismail is a former Senior Supervisor with Eaglevision TV Scripts, Mediacorp. He still serves as a TV Drama Script Advisor. He has written radio drama scripts, theatre scripts, countless TV drama scripts as well as poetry, short stories and essays. His collection of poetry, Suara Dalam (Inner Voice) was shortlisted for the Singapore Literature Prize (2014). The novel Bunga Tanjong won the Merit Prize, Singapore Literature Prize (2018). The anthology Tafsiran Tiga Alam (Interpretation of Three Realms) written with Samsudin Said and Hartinah Ahmad, won the Malay Literary Award (2017) and the Singapore Literature Prize (2016). He has also won the Golden Point Award (for poetry and short stories) and the Malay Literary Award (for theatre scripts, television drama scripts and short stories).

Suratman Markasan 

Tun Seri Lanang Award recipient

Malay Literary Award 1999

Suratman Markasan was the Assistant Director for Malay and Tamil Studies and a lecturer at the Institute of Education. He has been a member of ASAS ’50 since 1954, a judge for the ASEAN Literary Award in 1977, and was elected as a committee member of the World Congress of Poets in 1989. He has received the S.E.A. Write Award, Nusantara Literary Award, and Tun Seri Lanang Literary Award, the Anugerah Sasterawan Nusantara, the Cultural Medallion, among others.