Essays and Tributes
Browse the beautiful tributes written by literary activist Mohd Raman Daud and award-winning poet 齐亚蓉 (Qi Yarong) to our translation pioneers;  as well as a 600 year chronology of Chinese-Malay cultural exchanges written by Dr 杨贵谊 (Yang Quee Yee) and translated by Mdm 陈妙华 (Chan Maw Woh).

Essays by Mohd Raman Daud

Find out more about what drives the loving couple, 杨贵谊博士(Dr Yang Quee Yee) and 陈妙华(Chan Maw Woh), to serve as a bridge of understanding between the Chinese and the Malay communities in this beautiful tribute written in Malay and translated into English by author, editor, and community activist, Mohd Raman Daud.

Menjunjung Budi Pasangan Perkamusan

Tribute by 齐亚蓉 (Qi Yarong) for 陈妙华 (Madam Chan)

From being proficient in various languages to possessing a deep understanding of the culture, being a translator is no small feat. In this heartfelt tribute by written in Chinese by the award-winning poet 齐亚蓉 (Qi Yarong), read about how 陈妙华(Chan Maw Woh) taught herself Malay and eventually became one of our pioneer translators.


Research paper written by 杨贵谊博士(Dr Yang Quee Yee), translated by 陈妙华(Chan Maw Woh)

Embark on a journey through over 600 years of history on Chinese-Malay translation and cultural exchange with a research paper written in Malay by 杨贵谊博士(Dr Yang Quee Yee) and translated into English by 陈妙华(Chan Maw Woh).

Chinese-Malay Cultural Exchange 600 Years