Seize the Day: A Celebration of Yeng Pway Ngon (活在当下: 英培安追思会)

Join us in a celebration of the late Cultural Medallion and Singapore Literature Prize winner 英培安 (Yeng Pway Ngon). Writers, translators and publishers will gather to reflect on his life and contributions to the literary arts scene, delving into his works and beliefs, as well as his impact on writers and readers today. The late Mr Yeng wrote close to 30 works, including acclaimed novels such as《騷動》(Unrest, 2002),《我與我自己的二三事》(Trivialities About Me and Myself, 2006) and《画室》(Art Studio, 2011), which all won the Singapore Literature Prize.

Join the live stream here.

13 MARCH 2021 (SAT)
10:00AM – 12:00PM