I'm Very Busy

What does your little one think Baozi is doing when he says he's busy? Draw along with creators Colin and Yen Yen as they bring silly suggestions from kids to life. Also, enjoy a dramatic reading of I’m Very Busy from the hilarious Little Dim Sum Warriors bilingual picture book series. 

Bonus: Join in the fun and make your own Little Dim Sum Warriors  paper puppets with these templates here! 

18 JULY 2020 (SAT)
10:00am - 10:45am



Colin Goh is a writer/cartoonist whose work includes the international bestseller Search Inside Yourself. With wife Woo Yen Yen, he created Dim Sum Warriors (a critically-acclaimed graphic novel series published by Scholastic, which was also adapted into a major stage musical in China) and Little Dim Sum Warriors, a spin-off bilingual storybook-and-app series for young readers. Visit www.dimsumwarriors.com for free previews and more details.

Woo Yen Yen is CEO of Yumcha Studios, an edtech company focusing on cultural confidence and global competence for kids through comics and apps. She is an education expert with a doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University, specializing in curriculum design.  With husband Colin Goh, she recently published Little Dim Sum Warriors, a bilingual book and app series for young readers.