Puisirama (Poetry in Motion) 2021

PUISIRAMA 2021 is inspired by three poems: Angkara Gemilang Dadah (The Repercussions of Drugsby Faridah TaibTopeng (Maskby Khaziah Yem and Nyonya Muda (Young Nyonyaby Kamaria Buang; the poems are then reimagined and adapted into a theatrical version by the poets themselves. Directors Azman Shariff, Amirul Asri and Roslan Daud then insert their own translation and interpretation of each poem through the various characters under the theatrical lens. The result is a continuation of three art forms of different interpretations yet unraveling key messages that preserves the intent of each poem and its purpose. 

15 November 2021


Presented by:

Tinta T2K & Teater 2000

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National Arts Council



The Repercussions of Drug Addiction

In the original poem, drugs was used to symbolise the ills of society and it is an addiction that destroys self, family, race, religion and country. This short play tells a story of a young mother named Maria, whose husband was imprisoned for misappropriation of company funds. With the main breadwinner gone, the family was left in chaos. No more of the lavish lifestyle, and the respect between mother and son is lost. Both the mother and son are trapped in their own addiction now. Can they be saved in time before they too become a number?

  • Poem: The Repercussions of Drug Addiction by Faridah Taib
  • Script: Faridah Taib
  • Director: Roslan Daud
  • Actors: Ema Amin, Andry Hrithik


Young Nyonya

This is a story of a young Nyonya’s dilemma as who questions the idea of a blissful marriage that is bound tightly to cultural norms. The world is changing and the rifts in thinking between the young and the older generation are miles apart. The subtle undertone portrayed in this piece is indeed a heavier message about interracial marriages and preservation of cultures. What will the outcome be? Are they able to accept that love outweighs everything? Is that enough to keep the endearment and the strings of kinship alive?

  • Poem: Young Nyonya by Kamaria Buang
  • Script: Kamaria Buang
  • Director: Azman Shariff
  • Actors: Faridah Taib, Adilah Affandi



'Mask' tells a story of the ills of humans who lie for self-survival. Consciously or not, they put on a mask that will leave them trapped. Set in the glorious past of a kitchen setting of the Sultanate of Turkey, a MasterChef who has lost his sense of taste, chose to keep this a secret so that he could keep his job and position. But his lies were built on his pride, and his pride led to his downfall. Did MasterChef lose only his sense of taste?

  • Poem: Mask by Khaziah Yem
  • Script: Khaziah Yem
  • Director: Amirul Asri
  • Actor: Amirul Asri, Mohd Hafiz Yusof





Faridah Taib

Born on 12 June 1964, Faridah Taib has worked in Education (NIE) since 1982 until today. She started writing in 1983 as a part-time journalist with ANEKA Weekly Magazine and PUSPANEKA. She then began writing creatively since 2004 and has been involved with several poetry anthology books. Faridah won the Literary Prize in the 2017 Literature Award for her poem, Sepi Nostalgia Keretapi Tanah Melau Stesen Tanjung Pagar.

Kamaria Buang

Kamaria Buang has been a sewing instructor for People's Association (PA) at various Resident Center and Community Center. An avid poet, Kamaria began taking her writing seriously only recently. Her first poetry was published in 2006 in the local Malay newspaper, Berita Minggu. To date, hundreds of her poetry pieces have been published in the Malay newspapers. In 2009, Kamaria’s piece Anak Tertangga Kelantan Lane was awarded in the Malay Literary Award, and it was also included into MOE's Malay A-level literature textbook (2014 - 2025). Through poetry writing, Kamaria expresses her thoughts and emotions, and hopes to continue producing pieces that people can relate to.

Khaziah Yem

Khaziah Yem is a Malay Language teacher who is active in writing poems and short stories. Her poems and short stories have been published in the local Malay newspaper. She has contributed to a few anthologies with writers from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Currently, she is active in theatre production and learning script writing with the Cultural Medallion recipient, Mr Nadiputra.