Aspiring Tamil Writers and their Literary Space – Panel with GPA 2021 Tamil Language Winners

Tamil language Golden Point Award 2021 winners will share about their writing journey, highlighting the works or authors that inspired them and how they found their literary space. This session will be moderated by Nepolian. 

16 April 2022

In-person at The Arts House

Organised by:
Singapore Book Council

Commissioned by:
Sing Lit: Read Our World

Supported by:
National Arts Council

Venue supporter:
The Arts House 


Winners of the Golden Point Award 2021 talk about the impact of the Golden Point Award and how the recognition acts as an impetus to their development in their respective literary fields. They also discuss the benefits of reading and they gather the motivation to launch their own written works

The panellists will share about their experiences starting out in the Singapore Tamil literary scene.

This session is in Tamil and is curated and moderated by poet Nepolian.




ஜெய்குமார் பிரியா
Jaikumar Priya

ச. மோகனப்ரியா
C. Mohanapriya

சர்வான் ( கூத்தப்பெருமாள் சரவணப்பெருமாள் )
Sarwaan ( Koothaperumal Saravanaperumal )

தமிழ்ச்செல்வி இராஜராஜன்
Tamilselvi Rajarajan

சு வெங்கட்ரமணி
S Venkatramani (Venki)




Nepolian writes Poems, Short stories, Essays, Literary Criticism, Screen plays and Songs. His work has appeared in Newspapers, Journals, Literary magazines, TV, Cinema and Websites in Both Singapore and Overseas. He has published two Poetry collections: “Naanum en karuppuk kuthiraiyum” (2002) and “Kaanaamal pona kavithaikal” (2013).  His works have bagged many prizes and distinctions in both Singapore and Overseas. He is the first Lyricist from Singapore to write songs for Tamil Movies. The famous song, “Un thalai mudi uthirvathaikkooda ...” from the Tamil Movie, “Kaathalil Vizhunthaen” was written by him. A Civil Engineer by qualification, With his serving as a trainer in the Poetry workshop for School / College students and Public, Acting as a judge in literary and fine arts competitions, His rich contributions to literature, cinema, music, short film, stage programs, and his holding a Master’s Degree in Tamil, Nepolian has proved himself as a versatile Personality.