Is My Book Agent Ready? Editing your manuscript for submission to an agent

Self-editing is a crucial step before submission – whether to an agent or to a publisher – and can make the difference between acceptance and rejection. The talk will help budding authors understand what an agent (and ultimately a publisher) means by a well-written/well-edited manuscript. It is not just about adding the commas and full stops in the right places; editing means critically analyzing every aspect of the manuscript – from the plot to the characters, from the language to the writing style, from how a book begins to how it ends or should end.

17 JUNE 2020 (WED)
7:30PM – 10:00PM


Course Fee: $35.00
Eventbrite Registration Fee: $1.87


Smita Khanna

Smita Khanna

Smita has been working with Jacaranda Literary Agency for over two years. Within the agency she wears many hats – those of an assistant agent, running of Write Advice, which is Jacaranda’s editorial consultancy, as well as keeping an eye out for good book ideas and the right people to write those books.