The Relationship Between Literature and Visual Art: Making Book Covers




Understanding the relationships between texts and visuals by exploring the creation of book cover design in unison with literature.

Participants shall get a better picture on how designers, editors and authors can improve collaboration.

Workshop Outline:

  • Introduction - A talk on two book cover case studies on how we create cover concepts and develop designs. Focus on the interrelations between book title, literary theme and book cover.
  • Conceptual Phase - Brainstorming a story, a main theme and sketching one or several visual concepts. Present a story, main theme and sketches of visual concepts with emphasis on composition, explaining the mutual relationship between the visual concepts and the main theme. Brainstorming of titles for each visual concept. Participants present their titles for each sketched concept, sharing their thoughts on the mutual relationship between titles and visual concepts.
  • Developmental Phase - Development of cover designs with visual elements: imagery technique (illustration, photography, 3D image or typography), aesthetics style, fonts, colours and elements.). Participants share their thoughts and decisions based on the mutual relationship between design visual development and title, main theme and story.
  • Conclusion - Participants share their experiences and takeaways from the workshop. Q&A session.

This workshop takes place on: 

  • 18 May 2022 (Wednesday), 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm SGT



Minimum – Maximum Number of Participants: 1 – 30 pax

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18 May 2022
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Course Fee: $45
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Xavier Comas

Xavier Comas

Xavier Comas (1970, Barcelona) is a Fine Arts graduate of the University of Barcelona and Spanish graphic designer, photographer and author with a 30-year experience in book cover design. He is the founder of Opalworks, one of the foremost book cover studios in Spain. In 2004 Xavier moved to Asia and founded Coverkitchen, an award-winning book cover design studio working for international publishers such as Penguin-RandomHouse, Planeta, Tuttle and Wiley. His cover design for the European bestseller Viajo Sola was selected by leading art directors in the publishing industry as one of the best cover designs in Spain of 2014. Xavier’s second book, Inside The House of the Raja, was published in 2018 by Monsoon Books.